Ignite is the Modern Worship community at First UMC Grand Prairie. Whatever your past, your story, or your struggles we welcome ALL people to Ignite. Whether you are brand new to the faith, a lifelong Christian or you have left the church out of anger and broken heartedness, you are welcome here!

We are a community rooted in Grand Prairie and feel called to love God by loving the people of our city and area.  We cannot hope to do this alone and trust God to unite and lead us through this journey.  We worship with passion and joy, we partake in weekly communion to know God more, and we lean into our historic United Methodist roots.  Ignite is a home for you and we can’t wait to share a cup of coffee and a kolache with you!

Welcome home.

What We Believe

We believe all people are loved by God and called to be in a connected relationship with both God and a community of faith.  This community of faith allows us to be the Hands and Feet of Jesus in our world.  We believe in digging into the Bible as the inspired word of God so that we may know God more deeply.  We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to bring inspiration and healing to our broken world.  We believe Jesus is the author and perfecter of our faith whose life and death can serve as guides for how we encounter our world.

At Ignite we believe in the call to love and welcome all people.  We specifically stand with people who have been oppressed and broken in our world.  We believe the fight for racial and economic justice is a key part of our faith tradition.  Our community is a place where families of all kinds gather.  We include and welcome traditional families, singles, single parent homes, LBGTQIA families, retired, and anyone else that would call Ignite home.  We draw no boundaries and believe that Christ’s table is open for all.