Being Methodist

How many churches do you drive past each Sunday to get to downtown Grand Prairie?  How many churches do you see on your drive to work and school?  There seems like so many churches out there!  There are Baptist, Catholic, Pentecostal, Non denominational, Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ, and so much more!  We also have big churches and small churches, rich churches and poor churches, some churches only do services in English or Spanish. How did it get this divided and broken up? There are so many options it can get overwhelming!

I have been Methodist my entire life, and some of our people at Ignite are like that, but some are new to the United Methodist Church. So what does it meant to be a Methodist?  Over the next 4 weeks we will discuss the differences in churches and how this church came to be in our new sermon series: Being Methodist: A Story and A Call.  We will talk about some of the things we believe and the ways we believe God is calling us forward!  Join us Sunday as we Ignite the fire!

Grace and Peace,


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