Busy Busy Busy

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with busyness?  Do you fee like you just go from task to task at work and then when home its chore after chore after chore.  You rarely even get to sit down and catch your breath.  Sometimes we are so busy we are numb to the movement of God around us, we are numb to the chances to be light and we just go around from task to task.

Sometimes our faith is about how can we stop doing bad things but instead of asking what bad did you do, what if we asked what good did you do today?  What if we planned good things like we plan fun things or even our chore lists, what if we sat down on Sunday evening and asked what good will we do this week?  Being the Light of the World sometimes happens accidentally, but more often it happens because we seek to make it happen. This week we talk about how our light must be lifted up, join us on Sunday!

Grace and Peace,

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